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We open the planned on May 1, but with appropriate measures

KRÖKEN: In this accommodation we receive a maximum of 4 families or 1 group with a maximum of 20 participants. Dinner and breakfast can be taken individually.

KVARNAMO & ÅKERSHULT: Since our holiday homes are remote, it is no problem to spend your holiday there.

CANOE RENTAL: Canoe rental only by appointment so that we do not receive different customers at the same time.


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Chose your stay in Småland

Our base Kröken is situated in the remote hamlet of Emhult, 25 km east of Vetlanda. The main building is an old farmhouse, built in the early 19th century. The guesthouse is newly built, offering several spacious rooms. The Finnish sauna in the garden is "the place to be" after spending a long day in nature. If you would rather enjoy the tranquillity, you can go "back to basics" in our 200 year old log cabin Kvarnamo. Kvarnamo is located in the woods of Småland, where it is rather isolated; there are no neighbours around, only silence, nature and a babbling brook to keep you company. And if you want a little bit more comfort than you probably would like our cottage Åkershult.

On all of our locations we made hiking tours from 5 to 20 km.

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Activ in the nature of Småland

Enjoy Swedish nature at its finest! Surrender yourself to the peace during a canoe trip on the Emån. Get on a mountain bike ride through the vast forests of Småland or taste the adrenaline rush during our death ride. We offer a number of packages but you can also rent a canoe or mountain bike if you want to head out on your own. During the cold winter months, we offer exclusive snowmobile safaris in Lapland.

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