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Experience the nature Småland

Would you like to discover Sweden? In that case, Småland is the perfect starting point! Here, you can discover the Sweden made famous in the films by Astrid Lindgren with its small villages and red houses, its beautiful lakes fit for swimming and its forests filled with delicious berries for the picking.

Spring weekend in Småland

Do not hesitate to take a Spring Trip in Sweden. Spring in Småland is incredibly beautiful as everything is in bloom and the weather is mostly very bright while the days are becoming quite longer by the minute.

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Enjoy spring in Southern Sweden. During spring, we have long days and the weather is for the most part very nice. Admire the beautiful colors of nature. With Ryanair offering cheap flights, it presents an ideal destination for a weekend getaway.

Fully catered weekend from Friday evening until the included breakfast on Monday. This weekend is tailored to the KLM flights from Amsterdam to Småland Airport (Växjö), which is situated approximately 100 km from Kröken. Return flights are from € 90 per person. We recommend to book a car as well when you are booking your flight.

Activities can be booked locally, but you can also just enjoy the peace and nature.

Date:  All weekend from May 1st till Midsummer


In shared double / triple room: € 250 pp

Children under the age of 12: € 175 pp

Supplement single room: € 100


3 nights in a double / triple room, 3x supper, 3x breakfast, 2x lunch, access to a daily sauna and hot tub on Sunday.

Adventure day

Try rock climbing, repelling, archery, a "Death ride"...

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Find your way through the woods to our adventure area using a GPS. Once there you can try rock climbing, repelling, a trip down a "death ride", shooting and archery. In the meantime, we will prepare a delicious wilderness dinner.

Dates: on request for groups with at least 6 participants

Price: 950:- SEK pp (lunch incl.)

Start in Kröken at 10 am and finish around 5 pm

Min. 4 p / max. 30 p

Lady climbing on a rock

Mountain bike day trip

Enjoy yourself on one of our guided bike rides! The trip is about 45 km long and takes you through the Småland Highlands. Lunch is included.

Price: 750:- SEK pp

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Join us on a mountain bike tour, traversing the beautiful countryside of Southern Sweden. It is a 45 km long bicycle ride on unpaved country roads and forest paths. We stop for lunch in a beautiful beach.

There are some tough hill climbs on the way, which means we cannot recommend this tour for children under the age of 12.

Date: on request

Price: 750.- SEK pp

Important: Booking at the latest 6 pm the day before

Included: Guide - lunch - mountain bike - helmet - water bottle

Start: 10 a.m. - Arrival approximately at 4 p.m.

Starting point: Kröken

Descent into the gold mine of Ädelfors

If you are interested in caving, we offer you the opportunity to descend 55 meters into the shaft of the old gold mine of Ädelfors.


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Become a caver and descend 55 meters into the shaft of the old gold mine of Ädelfors. After a tour inside the mine, we will exit through a 300 meter long tunnel.

The gold mine of Ädelfors was Sweden's first gold mine. In 1737, the miners brought in the first gold and kept the mine operational until 1889. The deepest point of the mine is 300 meters below the surface and most of the tunnels are now largely flooded with water.

On request: at least 4 participants.

Price: 990 SEK pp

Included: Guides, caving equipment

What to bring: Warm, comfortable and stain/dirt resistant clothing, high rubber boots, extra clothing.

Young girl is going down on a rope in the 55 meter deep mine.

Emån at nightfall

In the evening, you can take part in a canoe trip with a wilderness dinner on the banks of the Emån.

Two persons in blue canoe on the river Em
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In the evening, you can take part in a wilderness canoe trip with dinner on the banks of the Emån. The canoe trip is approximately 5 km long, after which you will have a delightful wilderness dinner with some grilled salmon by the fire.

Date: On request for groups with at least 4 persons

Prices: 750 SEK pp - children -16 years 460:SEK pp - Children -9 years 230 SEK pp

Good to know: In case of bad weather, the program may be cancelled.

Booking at the latest 2 days before.

Included: Canoe - salmon dish - dessert

What to bring: Warm sweater, spare clothing

Duration: 6pm – 9pm

Meeting point: At the  bridge over Emån in Kvillsfors (Torpavägen)

Salmon sur planche derrière le feu

Spa night at Kröken

Enjoy an authentic Finnish sauna, soak in a wooden bathtub and finish it off with a delicious wilderness dinner.

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Enjoy an authentic Finnish sauna, soak in a wooden hot tub and finish it off with a delicious wilderness dinner.

Our sauna is heated by a log fire and has room for 20 people. After the sauna, you can try our hot bathtub. Relax in the warm (37 degrees) water with a scenic view of the beautiful nature of Småland. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to see a deer or a moose. Meanwhile, we will grill the salmon by the open fire for you to enjoy a delicious meal afterwards.

Dates: On request for groups with at least 6 persons


1000 SEK/Group (groups who stay in Kröken 750)

+ 295 SEK per person

Children under 6 year: Free

What to bring: Swimsuit, towel

Start: 7pm – 11pm

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Young girl with bow and arrow